15 Days in Israel
The following itineraries are just examples of different tours that we are able to provide. Any group, family or individual would have an itinerary planned specifically for them, according to their time limit, interests, needs and budget; we can always add almost any kind of attraction to the tour. Any tour could be as long as you wish, and could start and end on any day.
Contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your visit.
Day 1: Friday
  • Arrival.
  • Drive up to Jerusalem starting with a Lookout from the "Haas Promenade" over the old city of Jerusalem.
  • Check in to the hotel.
  • Afternoon walk through the Jewish Quarter and arrive at the Western Wall as the Sabbath comes in.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 2: Saturday
  • Tour the old city of Jerusalem: including the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall, The Christian quarter, the Arab Market and the different sights along the way.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 3: Sunday
  • Yad Vashem – The Holocaust Museum.
  • "Machane Yehudah" Market.
  • The City of David, where we will have a peep into our biblical history, including the underground water tunnels.   
            Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 4: Monday
  • Drive through the Judean desert towards the Dead Sea basin which is the lowest place on earth.
  • Masada - The last stronghold of the Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple and one of the most breathtaking sights in Israel.
  • Hike to David's waterfall in the Ein Gedi nature reserve.
  • Dead Sea: swimming and relaxing on the beach.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5: Tuesday
  • Bet Guvrin national park: exploring the numerous 2300 year old man-made caves.
  • Ben Gurion's grave overlooking the "Tsin" valley.
  •  Visit "Kfar Aricha": A Bedouin village where we will experience some of the Bedouin culture.
  • Mitspe Ramon.
Overnight: Mitspe Ramon

Day 6: Wednesday
  • "Machtesh Ramon" visitor center.
  • Mt. Saharonim - a beautiful hike along the sudden cliffs of the crater. (Or any of the numerous trails in the area.)
  • ATV self-driving along the crater.
Overnight: Mitspe Ramon
Day 7: Thursday
  • Drive North.
  • Visit "Machon Ayalon" – A museum which shows an underground secret bullet factory pre 1948
  • Relax on the beach Of Tel Aviv
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 8: Friday
  • The Old City of Jaffa and the flea market.
  • Neve Tsedek, the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv - a beautiful calm neighborhood including the renovated old train station.
  •  Rotchild Blvd: seeing the hall of independence and the different international style (Bauhaus) buildings.
  • The  Nahalta Binyamin arts and crafts street market.
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 9: Saturday
Day on own relaxing in Tel Aviv
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 10: Sunday
  • Caesarea: the excavation of the beautiful Roman city, the theater, the palace, the hippodrome and the beautiful beach of Caesarea.
  •  The old city of Akko including the crusaders' knight halls, the market, harbor and city walls.
  • "Rosh Hanikra" which is located at the northwestern corner of Israel near the Lebanese border, where  beautiful white chalk cliffs and the Grottos meet the sea.
Overnight: Galilee
Day 11: Monday
  •  Tsfat (Safed): The mystical city where we will visit the ancient synagogues and the artist's quarter.
  •  The village of Peqiin: we will walk through the picturesque village, visiting the old synagogue, the Rabbi's cave and he Druze community and cuisine.
Overnight: Galilee
Day 12: Tuesday
  •  Tel Dan national park: a short hike through the spring and streams of the Dan, including the ruins of the ancient biblical town.
  •  Mt. Bental: A lookout into Syria and the northern part of the Golan.
  •  Golan winery: We will enjoy wine tasting and tour the winery.
Overnight: Galilee
Day 13: Wednesday
  •  Mt. Arbel: A hike through the steep Arbel Cliffs.
  •  Beit Shean: one of the ancient cities mentioned in the bible, a Roman city where one can see the theater, the public roads, and bathhouse and public buildings.
  •  Drive to Tel Aviv.
Overnight: Tel Aviv
Day 14: Thursday
Day on own in Tel Aviv.
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 15: Friday