Field Seminar - The Northern border of Israel

The story of the borders of Israel is a fascinating dynamic story.
In order to understand the daily headlines and current events along Israel’s northern border; one needs to understand the historical process, the Geography and culture along the border on all sides. Including Israel, Lebanon, Syria and the involved countries in the region. We will cover the most up dated Geopolitical realities along Israel's borders.
We will drive along the Lebanese border and stop at the different lookouts into Lebanon; we will address the following topics: Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese demography and its political challenges, which affect the conflict and events along the border.
We will continue to the Golan heights where we will view the strategic and Geopolitical value of the region. We will go up on to several lookouts into Syria where we will discuss and understand the Israeli – Syrian relationship, The Syrian civil war and its ramifications on Israel
Field Seminar - The Arab Minority in the Galilee
 The Relationship between Jews and Arabs in Israel, is definitely one of the most fascinating and complex subjects that are crucial for the understanding of the Israeli reality.
 The daily challenges that Jews and Arabs in the Galilee face as neighbors, is an example of the complexity and potential for co-existence in Israel.
During our seminar we will deal with the history that led to the current reality, we will understand the differences between the Arab populations living on each side of the green line; discuss the term “Palestinian”, the mixed identity that the Arabs within Israel live with, and their relationship with the Jewish population. We offer a variety of seminars, from a two hour seminar to a full day
Field Seminar - Along the Gaza Strip  
The Geopolitical Tour along the Gaza strip is an eye opening Tour along the Border between Israel and The Hamas controlled Gaza strip. We will address the History of the region and the current complexed Reality on Both sides of the border.
We will visit several Lookouts over looking into Gaza and on the Israeli side of the Barriers. We will visit the Kibbutzim and meet residence understanding the Daily life in the region.
Lecture: An Israel and Middle East Up date
Israel’s history, geography and demographic complexity places Israel on an ongoing and ever changing complicated and challenging political Reality.
Michael Bauer clarifies the major issues facing Israel. He chronicles the significant events that created the current reality in the Middle East by dealing with Israel’s position in the Middle East.
The seminar is updated according to the reality in the Middle East and will deal with the Israeli – Arab conflict, Arab spring and changes in the Arab world, the nuclear Iranian threat and its implications and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
The participants will discuss the latest headlines in the news, and will be provided with tools to understand tomorrow’s headlines.
Michael Bauer, ties it all together in an in depth analysis, in a captivating active way.
 Introduction to the key issues in defining and understanding Israel.
The lecture will define and clarify some of the Key issues and questions required to understand Israel. Using few of the lines taken from Israel's declaration of independence: "we hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel, which will be the state of Israel".
Michael will address the following questions:
What is the definition of a Jew?
What is meant by a Jewish state?
What is the land of Israel and what are its borders?
What are the differences between the land, the state and the people of Israel?
During the lecture, Michael will provide several different approaches and narratives.
The lecture was presented in front of Groups as: Rhodes scholars from Oxford, Harvard Kennedy School, University presidents from Canada and many others.
  Lecture: “Words That Matter"
Words mean different things to different people. A view, a sentence, an experience and even a word are processed, and understood differently by different people.
While a couple or a group of people can witness and hear the same thing, each one will walk away with a different experien

Jerusalem's Political complexity

The seminar will touch the complexity of Jerusalem; explore the specific issues related to Jerusalem such as its borders, its geography, demography, political structure, its strategic importance and more.
The Seminar will include:
  • Drive through the "Shuafat" east Jerusalemite neighborhood to the lookout of "Tel El full", from where we can see the region and understand Jerusalem's strategic importance. (An alternative could be one of the lookouts near the Hebrew University).
  • Drive along the seam line between east and west Jerusalem and understand the municipal challenges of the city.
  • The governor's palace lookout. We will be able to see from the lookout the significant holy sites and learn about them within the context of the conflict.
  • We will drive through the neighborhood of 'Har Homa" which is beyond the green line understanding the nuances around the term "settlement".
  • "Anafa" street at the "Gilo" Neighborhood overlooking the Palestinian city of "Beth Lehem" and the security barrier, learning the complexity living along the barrier.