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Welcome to Israel – one of the world's most complex countries.

For more than 20 years, Michael Bauer crossed the State of Israel from end to end, leading groups and teaching them about the little slice of land that has influenced culture, religion, and faith around the globe more than any other.

His vast experience has led to this book, a unique travel diary in which Bauer leads nine young media professionals from diverse religious, ethnic, and political backgrounds around Israel, on a tour of the most important sites in Israel. He takes them up and down the country’s borders and beyond them, providing an opening for conversation about the many interesting issues pertaining to Israel: religion, history, geopolitics, economics, culture, and the country’s existence.

The interplay between the group’s diverse structure and the complexity of the State of Israel illustrates the story of this land, past and present.



A fascinating book, well-written from a refreshing perspective. Interesting and recommended. – Liat Regev, Midday, Reshet Bet

An intriguing story, worth reading especially now! – Orly Vilnai, Orly & Guy, DemocraTV

This book is so broad and comprehensive that it would be impossible to describe in a word. What I can say is that for me, it led to a sort of epiphany about many things I had not been sure about. Also, I was very impressed with the author’s knowledge and his distinct perspective… I enjoyed his witty and candid writing and liked his relaxed style, inviting the reader into a conversation.

Of course, I recommend reading this important book from all my heart! – Yehudit Bagan, Book Lovers’ Book Club

I finished the book with the feeling that we live in the most complicated, diverse, and dangerous place in the world. I warmly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning the history and political-social-religious complexity of life in Israel. – Arik Blum, Nurita Book Reviews

This book is sensitively and accurately written. On the one hand, it lends order to so many things while on the other hand, it allows true thought and questions about this place. Israel is not black and white. It is more like 50 shades of gray. A must-read for anyone who wishes to understand this wonderful place, or anyone who feels the need to tweak their knowledge about various historical, social, and political events that can explain the geo-political, social, and civil reality we have arrived at. If it isn’t clear yet, I highly recommend this book. – Dana Tubul

A fascinating book. Reading it, you feel like an inseparable part of the tourist group. As a tour guide, it was an interesting experience to be exposed to new perspectives and interesting and innovative points. Michael’s approach as a guide encourages curiosity and brings up questions we aren’t accustomed to asking about the complexity of this country. I recommend this book to tour guides and anyone interested in this complicated place we live in. – Micha Weitzmann, tour guide.



From the Author

The never-ending history, the different narratives, the political disputes, the landscapes, the multifaceted Middle East, and its human mosaic are the raw material for countless stories. Touring Israel with any group of people from different ethnic, political, and religious backgrounds is always a lesson for life. Israel is one of the most fascinating places on earth, it draws attention and passion and raises endless questions and political opinions, yet is unclear and unknown to most. Israel Journey – Eight Days in One Of The World's Most Complex Countries tells the story of this place in depth with honesty and respect to all narratives.



Michael Bauer is the author of "Israel Journey: Eight Days in One Of The World's Most Complex Countries", an educator and tour guide.

Bauer specializes in geopolitical tours and has developed seminars and workshops on topics such as: Israeli-Arab relations, Israel's minority populations, Israel’s borders and neighbors, Middle East politics and history. As a field educator and tour guide with over 24 years of experience, Michael has led adventure tours around Israel, Jordan, the Sinai Peninsula, and Turkey, as well as educational programs in Poland and Germany.

Michael teaches Middle East History in several Pre-Military institutes and provides briefings, lectures and seminars to groups and international institutions. Michael has had the privilege of guiding and teaching senators and Parliament members from around the world, military intelligence units, celebrities from the entertainment industry, university students, faculty members and presidents of Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Colombia, Johns Hopkins and many more. Michael has also been invited on several speaking tours across North America, including at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Canadian Parliament.

Michael served as a commander in the paratrooper forces as his mandatory military service and has served for many years on reserve duties.

Michael is married and has five children. He lives on Kibbutz Bet Guvrin.

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