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About Michael
Michael Bauer

Michael Bauer is a professional educator and tour guide, and the author of "Israel Journey - Eight Days In One Of The World's Most Complex Countries".

Bauer specializes in geopolitical tours in Israel and has developed workshops on various topics: Israeli-Arab relations, Israel's minority populations, Israel’s borders and neighbors, Middle East politics and history. As a field educator and tour guide with over 27 years of experience, Michael has led adventure tours around Israel, Jordan, the Sinai desert and Turkey, as well as dozens of educational programs in Poland and Germany.

Michael currently teaches Middle Eastern History in several Pre-Army institutes and provides security briefs, lectures and seminars to a variety of groups and international institutions. Michael has had the privilege of guiding and teaching: senators and Parliament members from different countries, military intelligence Units, celebrities from the entertainment industry, university students, faculty members and presidents of Ivy league universities and more. 

Michael has also been invited on several speaking tours across North America including the Harvard Kennedy School and the Canadian Parliament.

Michael served as a commander in the paratroop forces as his mandatory IDF service and for many years on reserves.

Michael is married and has five children. He lives with his family on Kibbutz Bet Guvrin.


Israel Journey- Michael Bauer
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